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Justin Timberlake

"Idol Radio Show" - August 11, 2011

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Alan, aka the Token White Guy, is joined by owner and FarmVille Rant Radio Show Ranter-in-Chief, DJ Slim, for tonight's show, which is all about entertainment news: Gavin DeGraw's attack, Amy Winehouse's home burglary, Beyonce's ticket sales, Justin Timberlake's attitude, and Kanye West's attitude. Superfan Corey calls in to take Alan to task for dissing on Justin Timberlake, though is properly put into his place before all is done. Queen Angie joins the guys to talk about the new Footloose soundtrack, the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake, and two TV shows that are being remade. A comment from DJ Slim forces Alan to torture the audience with some music. And the three talk about Nicki Minaj's "wardrobe malfunction" last week.

59:52 minutes (27.41 MB)
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