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piers morgan tonight

Dirty Boxers: "The GREAT Dave Moyer Saga Continues…"

It be Wednesday… Microsoft Skype issues, Radio Dan STILL owes me a T-Shirt, Sir Darryl calls from his Car. Important discussion about Piers Morgan. MrOil has a chat with us about tech issues. MCS Matt joins the chat. For 'High-def' version, to subscribe to the podcast, and full show notes, click here >

118:02 minutes (54.04 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Intervention, There's a Poltergeist, and SABOTAGE!"

It be Thursday... Mr Oil missed his 'Cue', There's a Poltergeist in Leigh's laptop, and MSC [Matt] FINALLY is here! Police Helipoter is hovering above. Due to issues with tech, we swap computers for the Skype - but forget that the 'new' machine hasn't got all the sounds 'muted'. So you MAY notice the 'odd' sound effect. Leigh explains about the Politics in the UK. Nick Clegg and his FOOLISH statement. SUITS SOLD BE BANNED... Good day then! 'Hi-Def' and full shownotes, click here >

118:07 minutes (54.07 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Dirty Boxer’s NEW Mission Statement..."

We start today's show with a realisation that for MONTHS the DB show has been broadcast on NAGradio without Leigh's knowledge; yet Sir Darryl is too embarrassed to 'replay' the DB show in his schedule [which is rectified while on air]. Also there is chatter about our new IRC chatroom.

118:38 minutes (54.31 MB)
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