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The Sir Darryl Radio Experience

116:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Desperate Mother, Obama The Gay Racist?? and No Radio Danville YET!!!

Today's show was a DOOZIE by any standards! First Darryl gets scammed by a woman calling in to say that he has her Ipod Touch and she will call the police if she doesnt get it back but when Darryl tells her that there are video's of her son having sex with a group of black men.. She isn't even phased! Also today Darryl tries UN successfully to get a city to re name themselves RADIO DANVILLE and a guy finds The Radio Show number in his phone and decides to call to find out who's number it is and Darryl gets the guy to talk POLITICS tho he has never heard of the show.

117:00 minutes (53.56 MB)

Sir Darryl March 30th

117:00 minutes (53.56 MB)
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