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Dirty Boxers: "The GREAT Dave Moyer Saga Continues…"

It be Wednesday… Microsoft Skype issues, Radio Dan STILL owes me a T-Shirt, Sir Darryl calls from his Car. Important discussion about Piers Morgan. MrOil has a chat with us about tech issues. MCS Matt joins the chat. For 'High-def' version, to subscribe to the podcast, and full show notes, click here >

118:02 minutes (54.04 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Intervention FAIL"

It be Wednesday... Skype keeps making Leigh do bad things. Meanwhile, MCS [the 'PPI' over at the Sir Darryl Show] stands us up! (And all we wanted to do was to help him out :( ).

118:14 minutes (54.13 MB)
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