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Dirty Boxers: "Dr Who has gone PANTS!"

It be Wednesday…

Leigh decided to play a ‘joke’ on MCS Matt. Sir Darryl is concerned. Leigh finally joins the show and makes a tit of himself.

For "high-def" version, FULL shownotes, AND links to subscribing to the DB Podcast - Click here >

117:40 minutes (53.86 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "David Duchovny’s Bottom Lip"

It be Monday… Leigh is injured, but doesn’t want to talk about it. SO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! Feedback from Stu4art. We also flap about twitter and citizen reporting, and it’s down falls. For "high-def" version, and full shownotes, click here >

118:25 minutes (54.21 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Dave Moyer and Dirty Socks?!"

It be Monday… Welcome to the ‘BIG’ 300 show – with no balloons, party blowers or cake! Just Leigh having a chat about stuff. Leigh flaps his face about Scouts, his horoscope, NAPU interview, Pubs / Clubs / Plubs, being interviewed by Antubert via the iPhone, and a REAL Tron Motorbike! 'High-def' version, plus FULL show notes >

118:26 minutes (54.22 MB)
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