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Dirty Boxers

119:00 minutes (54.48 MB)

Dirty Boxers

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Dirty Boxers

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Dirty Boxers: "Leigh’s trip to Cambridge…"

It be Thursday… Leigh is sleepy… Been working on many things. The flaw of alarm clocks. Top tip for the 1955 burger! Sniffer and the The Junction in Cambridge story. For "High-Def" version, complete shownotes, and how to subscibe to the podcast, click here >

118:31 minutes (54.26 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "We’re BACK Baby!"

It be Thursday… LOADS of worried emails and tweets about the past few days… And after a manic few days of no shows, Leigh explains why. He also catches up with what happened at Scouts on Monday. For "High-Def" version, complete shownotes, and ways to subscribe to the podcast - click here >

118:36 minutes (54.3 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Whatever Suits You…"

It be Thursday… Even though there is sad news about Steve Jobs, Leigh decides not to talk about it. Emma and Pete are back – very good show to listen to! Richard Vobes is also very good show! For "High-Def" version, full shownotes, and how to subscribe to podcast - click here >

118:35 minutes (54.28 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Dave Moyer Apologies"

It be Thursday… Leigh is in a Cranky mood! So calls Man-Kini Chris to blame him for everything. Meanwhile, Dave Moyer apologies for EVERYTHING… For "High-def" version, and full shownotes, click here >

117:55 minutes (53.98 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Intervention, There's a Poltergeist, and SABOTAGE!"

It be Thursday... Mr Oil missed his 'Cue', There's a Poltergeist in Leigh's laptop, and MSC [Matt] FINALLY is here! Police Helipoter is hovering above. Due to issues with tech, we swap computers for the Skype - but forget that the 'new' machine hasn't got all the sounds 'muted'. So you MAY notice the 'odd' sound effect. Leigh explains about the Politics in the UK. Nick Clegg and his FOOLISH statement. SUITS SOLD BE BANNED... Good day then! 'Hi-Def' and full shownotes, click here >

118:07 minutes (54.07 MB)

Dirty Boxers: "Token White Guy?! Hmm…"

It be Thursday…

Talking about silly things concerning apologising to Joe, Tony the Batty-Boy Tony apologies, Token White Guy takes over, and PLUS some Geeky news! For the 'High-Def' version to the show, please click here.
[P.S... Today's show goes off the rails slightly]

118:28 minutes (54.24 MB)
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